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Release of long form birth certificate. Click to download .PDF obtained from White House website. This is what we used in our examination.

OK.  Here we go again.  A digital copy of his ‘long form birth certificate’ has been released and posted on the white house website.

Looks legit?  We’re not sure.

Funreviews does 99.9% of it’s work through a workstation that runs in a virtual environment.  Via remote desktop.  You’re thinking, “So What”, right?  Well, something happened while we looked at the birth certificate.

Top half of 'layered' birth certificate.

We zoomed in a little to see that most of the characters on the document have a white halo that follows the character.  Also, any loops or holes inside the letter is mostly white.  The green stripes used to prevent forgery or modification of the document aren’t solid like the rest of the page, mostly wiped out, blurred green at best.

Date and signature 'layer'.

So, what’d we do?  We zoomed in to take a closer look.  That’s when it hit us.  Because of the slow ‘redraw’ of the virtual desktop we’re remoted into, it took a while for the page to refresh.  Every character that looks like it has a halo flashed white, the rest of the document was solid, but then all the characters with the halo come back solid.  The PDF document was laying out the image in ‘layers’.  It’s not a random thing, either.  Not like Adobe Reader is picking and choosing certain characters it chooses to turn white because it can’t redraw the whole document fast enough.  It is the SAME exact ones every single time we refreshed it.  And only the ones with an obvious halo around them.

What’s the big deal about ‘layers’?  Some of the most powerful image editors on the planet work in layers.  Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, for example.  This will allow someone to take an image and modify it as they wish in pieces to be whatever they want.

Is it possible that the parts of the document that are coming in second were modified?

Apparently, Funreviews isn’t the only place that has found layers.  Here’s a video showing how many pieces the Long Form is comprised of:

Susan Nordyke's certificate. Note the document number.

Another thing that noticed that was off was that the document number for Obama’s B.C. is lower than a person born at the same hospital the day BEFORE he was.  Also, why is B.O.’s long form all green, when Susan Nordyke’s looks like it came off a microfiche?

Why is the main part of the birth certificate ‘pasted’ into a green background?  You can see the edge across most of the top of the main part of the certificate.  What’s with the curl on the left side?  Why not just show the flat certificate in it’s entirety?  Why does the border curl on the side?

Could the “D” in Dunham be solid because she signed it “Davis” and they took the ‘avis’ off it an replaced it with “unham’?  Here’s an article stating that Barack Obama’s biological father’s name is Frank Marshall Davis.

Close-up of certain letters reveals that the original scanned characters show a pixelation and distortion, whereas all the characters that turn white and have a halo are solid and completely different from the original document scanned.

Upon closer examination, some of the words that do not turn ‘white’ like (stanley), Ann and the letter “D” and the signature of the attendant are pixelated and faded, where the words that DO turn white like the titles of the form boxes and ‘unham’ are solid and have white halo’s around the letters, they are not pixelated like the other words mentioned above.

The liberal-run and Obama supporting website “” say that Dr. Rodney T. West was the delivering Doctor, not Sinclair.  Read about it here.

Why did Neil Abercrombie, the Governor of Hawaii, admit he couldn’t find a long-form birth certificate?

One final question.  If Obama now no longer has a problem releasing his long-form birth certificate, why didn’t he just have his lawyers allow Hawaii to release a copy to anyone that requested it, paying any appropriate fees?  No, he obtained it through his channels, kept it within the White House and released it only electronically to the White House website.

So, is it a fake?  Take a look and decide for yourself.  If you have javascript enabled, leave a comment in the space below!