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At a point in time, shortly after our nation’s adoptions of the U.S. Constitution, and the amendments to it that comprise the Bill of Rights, public and congressional debate began regarding “correct” interpretation of the rights embodied in the Second Amendment. This debate has raged on now for over 235 years. Over 20,000 separate laws have been debated and adopted since that first debate. Each new law was supposed to address the misuse and/or deleterious effects of personal misuse of firearms. It is evident that few of these numerous laws are effectively employed or enforced. None of them prevents the continuing inflictions of harm to our society. Our legislators consistently waste their time and taxpayer funds to adopt even more useless anti-gun propositions in an already overwhelming body of failed US firearms law. Unfortunately, none of this sophomoric and futile lawmaking addresses the real issue.

The reason for failure of our lawmaker’s legislative attempts to curb firearm misuse is obvious to any sane, intelligent and thoughtful person. Our liberal legislative morons insist that the implement involved in gun violence is the problem. They just cannot accept the obvious truth that the fault actually lies with violent, anti-social and irresponsible persons. Their ridiculous anti-gun lawmaking is simply an admission on their part that they are not mentally capable of addressing that real problem. Compounding this controversial problem, these same liberal “socialist” legislators have created so many laws protecting the rights of mentally ill persons that our society now has no truly effective legal avenue to permanently incarcerate or execute known, potentially violent individuals. That must change!

Every recent “gun disaster” was, in fact, perpetrated by a psychopath. Human-caused violence will only stop when we, as a people, figure out how to deal effectively with violent and deadly individuals. Damning firearms does nothing to address their misuse or enhance our personal safety. We as Americans must demand our lawmakers re-focus their efforts and address, instead, the human psychosis element that accompanies every act of gun violence. They must be made to accept the fact that the problem lies not with the implements of assault, but with the sociopaths who misuse them!

Implements don’t kill! People kill!

Our nation’s Founders determined that, for our constitutional republic to endure, a commitment by each and every citizen to embrace the Judeo-Christian social ethic was a necessity. They understood that each individual must accept responsibility for his own acts. However, they intentionally created a document that severely limited the power of a federal bureaucracy, over the individual. Establishing a reasonable balance between these two concepts is difficult, but not impossible. In the end, acceptance by each of us, the responsibility for our acts, is essential to the peace and success of our society. Our current, obvious, and widespread, nanny state driven disregard of personal responsibility has led us into this unfortunate state of affairs.

Sadly, we have drifted so far from our founders ideal that we have enabled socialist dogma to permeate our lawmaking process. Congress’ socialist ideologues are driving a stake through the heart of our republic! The leftists among us are now working to deconstruct our Constitution and place what is left our civil rights under the administration of the divisive and corrupt United Nations. Are you kidding me? This is pure insanity!

We are rapidly relinquishing our rights and responsibilities in favor of a “global nanny state,” hoping for security in an increasingly dangerous world. Americans who believe in this strategy fail to realize that they are blindly donning the yoke of slavery.

In my nearly 80-year life, I have witnessed many tragedies, but none as egregious as the current leftist assault on our God given rights and freedoms. May God save the nation!

-Greg Steward
The Firing Line, California Rifle and Pistol Association