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Skiing tricks tips and turns

Skiing tips on turns.

Skiing Tips Tricks and Turns

You are probably here to learn more skiing tips tricks and turns.  Let’s begin!

Wide spaces call for big turns, and narrow spaces demand tight, small turns. That’s the obvious assumption. But mixing up your turn shapes and sizes -doing the opposite of what seems natural- can get you lines and fresh pockets of snow that most skiers overlook. Making big turns where others make small ones is an exercise in adaptability, athleticism, and versatility. Skiing from one shoulder to the other in narrow gullies rather than right down the middle, for instance, will keep you in softer, deeper snow. Like roadside debris, loose, soft snow gathers on the edges of trails and doesn’t get packed down by traffic. Stretch out your turns to take advantage of the sides of the trail. Leave the middle to the masses.

As you ski up the bank of the gully, incline your body into the turn. This keeps your edges semi-engaged, so you can drift or carve to adjust your line.

When you’re ready to commit to your turn, stand hard against your edges so that your skis are stable as you enter the trough.

You’ll encounter thin spots and bumps in the middle of the gully where most people ski. Use the full range of motion in your legs to absorb the terrain. Your hips might drop behind your feet; that’s normally a no-no, but in this case it’s required. Just don’t linger in that position, as more bumps are on the way.